Our attitude for preparation of the crisis

Our attitude for preparation of the crisis : Familiarity and repetition (2019)


A Legal Machinegun, wooden framed gun-type projector, variable size, 2019


Killing the laughing guy, 2 channel video, 10 min, 2019

Our attitude for the preferation of the crisis : familiarity and repetition

Trampoline with sound, flashing random loop images, 2019

Untitled_Artwork 7.JPG

Happy Happy Super Happy, Digital drawing, 2019

Untitled_Artwork 8.JPG

We are the one, Digital drawing, 2019

Untitled_Artwork 9.JPG

Punishment, Digital drawing, 2019



Lee - a rifle and a trampoline.JPG

A rifle and a trampoline, Digital drawing,  2019